Fuel Availability

Duty-free Avgas sales suspended with immediate effect

Due to a recent advice notice from Customs and Excise, Sligo Airport can no longer offer duty-free avgas sales at source. However commercial flights can still claim duty at the rate of 23.237 cent a litre but this must be processed by the aircraft operator directly with Revenue.
(5th March 2013)

Fuel Prices

Valid from January 2019

  International (per litre) Domestic (per litre)  
Jet A1 €1.16 (ex VAT) €1.32 (Includes VAT @ 13.5% = 16 cent)  
Avgas €2.13 (ex VAT) €2.62 (Includes VAT @ 23% = 49 cent)  Please note: The international rate only applies to commerical operators travelling outside the state
W100 Oil €9.00 €9.00  

Please Note: The International Rate only applies to
Commercial Operators travelling outside the state.

Please check current NOTAMs for any change in fuel availability status at Sligo Airport.